How to recover deleted videos, photos and document files from Google Nexus

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How to recover deleted photos or videos from Google Nexus

the reason that your precious pictures and videos can be recovered from Google Nexus is that once you deleted something from your android phone, they are not permanently erased, it's the space that those pictures, videos or document files previously occupied now being marked as blank area for rewritten, so when and if that happens, you can use this Google Nexus recovery to get back those files from either your android device's internal storage or SD card.

this is a step by step guide about how to recover pictures, videos and document files from your Google Nexus

First download video recovery for Google Nexus, a neat recovery utility that supports to give a speedy and comprehensive scan to the built-in storage of your Google Nexus and the SD card, recover files from your Google Nexus.

Connect your Google Nexus to computer, select the media storage and click the "start scan" button.

You can preview the deleted videos and photos in the storage.

Click on "recover". You deleted or lost files will come back in a minute.

A little more about NEXUS, the wrap up review of NEXUS S in 2010 from engadget....

It seems like every couple of weeks we're saying something along the lines of "x is the best Android smartphone on the market right now." We'd like to tell you differently when it comes to the Nexus S, but the truth is, it really is the best Android device available right now. Sure, we'd prefer it was on Verizon, and yes, there are some issues with the phone and OS that detract from the good bits... but there are also a lot of good bits. We'd been longing for a Galaxy S device that wasn't burdened by Samsung's sometimes-clunky TouchWiz, and in joining forces with Google, the company has more than delivered.

There's no shortage of great phones available right now, and there's no question that 2011 will usher in a flood of devices that make 2010's offerings seem forgettable. Like we said earlier, this isn't a perfect device -- and in fact a lot of what's exciting about this phone is what's happening behind the scenes. It's as if the stage is set for the arrival of Honeycomb along with a slew of features. Still, when it comes to state of the art for Android right now, the buck stops here.

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