How to create an interactive web order form with Microsoft excel

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Microsoft excel is by far the most prevalent utility for creating order forms, spreadsheet or calculators… when you create an order form in excel, you can choose to save it as html format and upload the html file to your blog or website. The problem is, the converted order form is simply a static page which could not interact with your website audience. If you’d like to have a web based order form that functions and interacts just like the one you made in excel, an office add-in called spreadsheet converter will help you realize that.

The instruction to create an interactive web order form with excel

Download spreadsheet converter. After installation, the utility will be added to Microsoft excel. 

Open the excel order form, click on the “spreadsheet converter V6” on the menu bar. Because the excel order form will be published online, it is recommended to add a “submit” button for your customer to interact. The entered data or order will then be forwarded to your email


If the order form is already perfected in excel, simple click “convert”.

Now the excel order form is converted to an interactive, calculating web order form.

Upload the html file to your server.

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