WMA to amazon cloud player, how to convert and play wma with amazon cloud player

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OJOsoft Audio Converter is a powerful and professional tool for video and audio file conversion . With lots of codec built in, it can convert audio files between almost any formats, including MP3, WMA, M4A, AAC, AC3, MP2, WAV, OGG. Also, It allows you to extract audio tracks from all popular video files, such as AVI, MPEG, MP4, MPG, 3GP, DivX, FLV, ASF, VOB, MKV, WMV, H.264 etc.

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WMA to amazon cloud player, how to convert and play WMA with amazon cloud player

Audio file compressed with Windows Media compression; proprietary format developed by Microsoft, similar to the .MP3 format; can be converted to other more standardized formats; often used for playing music from the Web; Windows Media video files use a .WMV extension.

Microsoft's Zune portable music player and the Disney Mix Stick MP3 Player can play WMA files.

Unfortunately, amazon cloud player supports a very limited range of music formats, just mp3 and AAC, if you have a stash of music in other formats such as WMA and incline to put them in the cloud and have access to them from all of your devices, you may want to consider this WMA converter for amazon cloud player which enables you to convert WMA to mp3 or AAC that supported by cloud player.

Here's a step by step guide about how to use WMA to amazon cloud player to convert and upload WMA to amazon cloud drive and be available for amazon cloud player.

First download the free trial version of WMA to amazon cloud player converter, a neat yet versatile software that supports conversion between all popular audio formats.

wma to spotify

Import WMA files to WMA to amazon cloud player converter.

Set output audio format, in our case, mp3 is recommended.

Click start to convert WMA to amazon cloud player supported .mp3.

Now with the delightful amazon cloud player, you can listen to your music from anywhere, at anytime, with any devices!

Buy OJOsoft Audio Converter $22.95
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