Sony HDR-CX700V and New released Handycam Line

Sony announced its new 2011 camcorder lineup today at CES in Las Vegas. In addition to updating most of its 2010 models, Sony also unveiled a new “video enthusiast” camcorder called the HDR-CX700V. You can expect Sony’s new HD Handycams to hit the stores in March. You can read about Sony’s new 3D camcorder, the HDR-TD10, here. Coverage of Sony’s new Bloggie ultracompact models can be found here, and Sony’s new Handycams with built-in projectors are covered here.


Sony didn’t change much in terms of sensor size or pixel counts with its new Handycams, but it did add a few new features. A new 24p and 60p record mode is available on the flagship HDR-CX700V, as well as the HDR-CX560V (replaces HDR-CX550V) and the HDR-CX360V (replaces HDR CX350V and HDR-CX300). All three of these models also feature 3-inch LCDs, which is actually somewhat of a downsize for certain Sony Handycams. Last year’s HDR-CX550V featured a 3.5-inch screen.

In updating its entry-level HD Handycams, Sony released the HDR-XR160, HDR-CX160, and HDR-CX130 (replacements for the XR150, CX150, and CX110 camcorders). These new camcorders feature 30x optical zooms (up from 25x), built-in USB connectors, optical image stabilization, and 60p recording. An external microphone input is available on the HDR-CX160 and HDR-XR160.

Sony also unveiled a new tracking focus feature that will be found on all HD Handycams. The feature is similar to the AF/AE tracking option found on Panasonic camcorders as well as the tracking feature that Canon included on select Vixia camcorders in 2010.

New standard definition models from Sony include the DCR-SX85, DCR-SX65, and DCR-SX45, which are all updates on last year’s SX83, SX63, and SX44 respectively. The DCR-SX85 includes 16GB of internal memory and will sell for $279. The DCR-SX65 contains 4GB of internal memory and has a price tag of $249. The card-only DRCR-SX45 will sell for $229. All three of these new standard definition camcorders will be available in February.

The flagship HDR-CX700V comes with 96GB of internal memory and has a suggested retail price of $1299. The step-down model, HDR-CX560V, has 64GB of internal memory and a $1099 price tag, while the HDR-CX360V includes 32GB of internal memory and will sell for $799.

The HDR-XR160 is the only new hard drive camcorder from Sony in 2011 and it includes a 160GB internal hard drive ($599 MSRP). The entry-level HD models are the HDR-CX160 (16GB internal memory, $499 retail) and the HDR-CX130 (no internal memory and a $449 price tag). All of these HD Handycams are set for a March, 2011 release date.

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